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AGB MEC: Precision mechanical machining

Our machine shop specialises in miling and turning operations and the production of components and accessories for the automation,tranfer and industrial machinery sector.

AGB Mec is an evolving organisation with clear objectives and values that allow it to constantly improve in the precision machining sector.


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Precision mechanical machining

AGB MEC, the company specialising in the production of components for industrial machinery

Our story begins in 1983,when AGB entered the market as a subcontractor supporting civil and industrial faucets

Over the years,thanks to the newly acquired skills, the company gradually expanded its field of action and laid the foundations for a gradual increase in production, including more and more sectors and products within its business.This marked the beginning of a real path of innovation for our company,as it allowed us to significantly re-evaluate the types of processing offered and to guarantee a considerable increase in the quality of services provided.

Over these years, the structure of our company has undergone intense evolution that has allowed it to bring out the best in the various sectors in which it has always specialised and which,over time,have become its main strengths.Thus was born AGB Group, a group that encompasses and identifies the four business branches for which our activity is recognised: AGB Plast,AGB Mec, Uriel.intensa evoluzione che le ha consentito di far emergere al meglio i diversi settori nei quali si è sempre specializzata e che col tempo sono diventati i suoi punti di forza principali. Nasce Così AGB Group, un gruppo che comprende e identifica i quattro rami aziendali per cui la nostra attività viene riconosciuta: AGB Plast, AGB Val, AGB Mec, Uriel



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